KODI Firestick or StreamSmart?

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Yes it's true... Firesticks are much cheaper than StreamSmart. Why would I bother with paying so much more for a StreamSmart? (...lol In the grand scheme of things it a nominal cost compared to your cable or Satellite annual bill )

Anyone have friends or family that say "buy a cheap box and program it yourself"? Maybe they even say it's easy. Well for some of us it is easy, but let's take me for example. I am personally a fairly technical person. So yes I can do the updates, configuring and maintenance on my own, but why would I? When streamsmart has a team of 11+ behind the scenes testing, programming, configuring, troubleshooting and supporting everyone else.

What happens when your addons stop working? You can't login? You don't get premiums addons for sports in HD? What if your favorite addon has shut down? What if your box says dependency not met? What even is a dependency? How do you rectify this issue? Who are you going to call when that happens?

- Streamsmart and enjoy the rest of your life and let us worry about the behind the scenes work, so we can ensure your streaming success.

Straight from the boss: "It's pretty simple, 99% of people don't have the knowledge to make their own build and if they do another 99% don't have the time. We spend hours behind the scenes making sure our Media Player is always updated.

We literally do updates every single day...

Last but not least if anyone ever tells you they can get the same on another box or stick just ask them one question "Do you have any of the add-ons under the Premium tab?"

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