StreamSmartATL -Mayweather vs McGregor fight watching in High Definition

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Coming up on the the biggest fight of maybe the century the Mayweather vs McGregor fight will no doubt be a hot commodity for Streaming services and beyond. The cost... if you would like to pay to watch the fight is close to $90 if you want to watch it in HD.

Obviously, most don't want to pay that price and would prefer to watch for free. You will want to have your Streamsmart tuned up ahead of time to make sure you have the most updated links. You will want to head toward the Premium Tab and select the add ons under those tabs. They have been optimized to create the best experience for you. Take a look at the information below to make sure your have everything dialed in as this will be a very popular event. Make sure you have run the Streamsmart Wizard a day inadvance or a few hours ahead of time. If you are confident you have the most updated version of the wizard, dould tap your red button twice to make sure everything is refreshed properly.

If you do not have your StreamSmart Box yet take a look at your options here. Absolutely no more monthly fees at all! Cut the Cord for good!

1st Step is to do a Speedtest on your box. This is critical that you run the speedtest on your box and not on your phone or computer as we are testing the signal that the box is receiving.

Need help running a speedtest? Watch our speedtest video

2nd Step if you don't like the results then check out the modem & routers section here in the forum for tips & tricks on improving your router's performance.

What else can i do?
• You can clean your system by entering the media center and then scrolling to the System Tab and running the StreamSmart Wizard. Now press down once and choose the clean option.

Clean out your Cache.

Double click your Red button.

Reset your modem to make sure you have an optimized wiFi signal.

You should be all set.

Any issues StreamSmart Support will be ready to walk you through maximizing your experience. Enjoy the Fight!

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