Tired of Paying your Cable Company? Watch The Super Bowl for FREE.

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    American's cost per cable has increased to over $100 per month this past year.

    Source: Fortune.com

    Make the Switch to StreamSmart
    No Monthly Fees
    No Contracts
    No Paying to watch New Movies,
    Special Events, or Sports

    It is finally time for you to get rid of your TV provider. StreamSmart has tons of on-demand movies, over 500 Live TV channels, sports from any city with no blackout games, cartoons, Fitness, Music, and much more.

    StreamSmart is the technology your cable companies do not want you to know about.
    All you need is an internet connection and a StreamSmart box and you can kiss your high monthly bills goodbye.

    With StreamSmart, Premium Channels are included like HBO and Cinemax. Sports fans will fall in love with the included NFL Ticket, NBA League Pass, and many other Premium Sports features that TV providers charge
    hundreds for.

    Through "the common TV provider" you pay extra for:
    NFL Ticket & Redzone: $269.94 per season
    NBA League Pass: $169.99 per season
    HBO: $5 a month extra
    Showtime: About $4 a month extra
    STARZ: About $5 a month extra
    Direct TV "Select" (Cheapest) Package: $50 per month with 2 year contract

    The initial cost of StreamSmart will pay for itself after getting rid of your high monthly bills.

    What would you do with an extra $100 a month?


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